August 19, 2005

Norman Tebit on The Today programme

Old Norman created the famous 'cricket test' as a way of pointing out the problems of multiculturalism. Turns out he was correct, multiculturalism is a problem and you cannot have two cultures co-existing within the same country as these two distinct cultures will also be two distinct societies which inevitably come into conflict. If people decide to come here to live then they have already decided that this county offers them something that the one they left does not, probably work. It is therefore logical that they should integrate with the native society so they can get the most of the benefits that our society offers, which is what brought them here in the first place.

He also mentioned that Islamist societies trapped under immutable Sharia have not progressed in 'many years', which then became '500 years' in the news summary after he spoke. Well whichever number you take he was correct again. Since the end of the Islamic Renaissance, a bit over 500 years ago, there has been no major discoveries coming out of the Islamic world. Certainly nothing to compare with the period of great scientific and artistic acheivement that they produced at their height. It should also be noted that the end of the peroid of Islamic greatness corresponded exactly with an upsurge in practice of strict religion whereas before that point they had been rather lax in their adherence to Sharia which itself was extremely liberal compared to, say, Catholic teachings of the dark ages.

He may not have offered the correct solutions, become a less tolerant society to appease Islamist sensibilities, but his view of the problem was quite correct. Despite saying the truth he will be savaged by the Multicult for telling the truth about the current state of Islam, so long as he doesn't end up like Theo van Goegh first that is.


Blogger Serf said...

I think a man whose wife was permanently disabled by those other despicable cowards understands a thing or two about the dangers.

It is a question I often ask muslims. What happened to your civilisation? Why did you fall from your elevated position? Its not a question they like, but they find it hard to argue with the basic thrust of what you are saying.

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